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Mato Jelic

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    Mato Jelic has a series of chess videos on youtube. He is concise and enthusiastic without being silly. I really like his videos. Has anyone else seen them?


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    I don't know if Kasparov will be remembered as the greatest chess player who ever lived, but that was truly impressive!

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    Do you prefer reading chess books or watching videos?

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    Very nice Video e pawn ... impressive I will remember that one...

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    Great game!

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    i dare say mato is one of the best chess commentators in the world today. and his voice is so soothing i now have to watch at least three of his videos before falling asleep every night. ^^

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    Mato Jelic is one of the best elaborator of all chess games. His ways of illustrating games of famous players are simple but very specific. You will learn a lot from his videos. He is a great guy in the world of chess. I guess he must be an excellent chess coach.

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    hi, this mato; in this video I will show u a interesting chess game 


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    he is great ;)

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    mato gives good explanation without bieng silly.

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    I am a big fan of his videos, too.  Best I've come across.

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    Mato is very awesome guy !! Love all his videos !

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    One thing that differs Mato from other commentators is that he does not beat around the bush. His comments are precise and not confusing and direct to the point. Very impressive.

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    Is it just me, or is Mato russian?

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    Mato is Croatian and lives in Australia. I recently bought his book From Chess Novice to Advanced Player in 7 Days. His videos are great and I must say the book is amazing too.

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    Though i'm not seeing so much Mato's videos on youtube lately, imo he's the best chess commentator that i've ever seen. He makes you want more from him in a learning and fun way! Keep doing this wonderful job Mato!

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    mato is very good commentator.. hen can share analysis every chess game atleast 5 minutes.

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    D0ubl3Ch3ck wrote:

    Is it just me, or is Mato russian?

    Not sure where he is not, but used to live and play in Australia. He sounds just like Dracula. 

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