My birthday (sort of)


Well it is a momentous (sp?) occasion for me. I am exactly 200 months old (16 years and 8 months) today. In some ways it could be considered better than a proper birthday because it takes over eight years for every hundred months.

Ok well happy B-day sort of lol . hope all goes well for the remainder till your 17yrs hahaha.....Cool

Thank you. Is anyone else having a key month number soon?

The next for me will be December of next year.  I'll be 350!
I'll be 400 in May.
I'll be 17 this time tomoz :P
...and you're already typing?  This baby is amazing!
silentfilmstar13 wrote: ...and you're already typing?  This baby is amazing!

Lol.  I am 541 tomorrow btw.

cloudjubei wrote:
I'll be 17 this time tomoz :P

 This baby is a genius! He's not even 2 years old and he is already typing. That and he is also playing chess? All I could do then was drool, eat and poop! This proves either I'm thick or this baby will be the next Einstein. By the time he is an adult he will have an enormous IQ. Or instead of all this he is realy thick and icredibly stupid and didnt understand because he didnt read it through properly.I think it would most likely be the 2nd one!!!!!!!! lol.


Probably because your thick, but may have to look into your brain to see.