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Tie votes in vote chess

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    I believe that this tip was first posted to a different group's forum by SataBose and StrategicPlay.

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    Hmm... for tied votes, how about this:

    The move will be decided on the average rating of the players that voted for that move. That way, the better move will more often be the move played.

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    jposthuma i already said that look at post 56

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    coneheadzombie wrote:

    Why does everyone call me Cokehead?? It has nothing to do with my real name, makes no sense, what the hell?

    Not everybody, bonehead...

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    ThomasRules000 wrote:

    jposthuma i already said that look at post 56

    Oh yeah, I missed that. Embarassed (47, by the way.)

    Good idea, though. The only problem that I just realized is... which rating would you use? What if the player was unrated?

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    I don't think the point of the algorithm should be to favor the better move somehow, which would be hard to do anyway - it should just be to favor the move that better reflects the will of the team.

    To that end, the algorithm should be to give the move to the last vote.  This will be the vote cast by the member of the team who has had the most time to think about analysis and discussion on the vote.  If that team member is a lousy player and ignores the analysis and advice of better players, then the team will lose, and I think a team like that deserves to lose.

    The only points of debate I see here seem to assume that we want the algorithm to benefit the better move, but that's not the point in vote chess.  Sometimes the better move will be the first voted, not the last, but just as much as a team should get credit for rallying back from a mistake, so too should they be punished for failing to convince everyone on their team of the better move.  The fairest reflection of the team is the last vote either way whether better or worse than the first vote.

    Frankly, I think it's basically comical that the site priveleges the vote cast by the team member with the least access to discussion and analysis from teammates - indeed, a team member who may even now regret their own vote!  I'd want the tie-break to go with my team member with the most access to discussion.  If that person ignores good analysis, we deserve to lose - if they do right we deserve the better option.

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    I agree with you totally regarding this:  When there is a tied vote, It makes much more sense to me that the LAST voted on move should be the winning move, NOT the first.  The rules of vote chess should be different than the rules of, say, a 50-yard dash, where the first across the line wins the race. 

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    It has been 16 months since this dicussion was started.   Has chess.com made any changes to the vote chess system?  Has the rules been changed any on anything that has been dicussed here?   


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