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To blog or not to blog

  • #1

    I was trying to decide something. I was considering a blog about why I don't have any other blogs, but I wasn't sure if I should waste my time. I am actually curious as to the impressions people would have of someone who would create a blog called "Why I Don't Have Any Other Blogs", all biases aside.

    I tend to think I wouldn't have much of a following, not that I really seeking one, but I guess I don't see the point in writing something that people aren't interested in. So, I am seeking ideas for blogs that people would be very interested in reading regularly.

    So, let me have have it....

  • #2

    Blogs get popular randomly. I'd recommend a more direct approach to fame.

  • #3

    Why do you assume I'd want to be famous ?

  • #4

    I have more ideas on uninteresting blogs than the ones people would like to particapate in...so I am not much help. 

  • #5

    Maybe for inspiration, we should have a contest....I think I have a vivid imagination, especially things no one cares about.... lol

  • #6

    One idea (I suggested to another) was a blog concerning Chez Bono on her/his dance proformance on Dancing With The Stars, this subjest was fastly declined. 

  • #7

    How about Basketball Chess?  When there's a foul the one whom committed the foul would have to move a chess piece instead of a foul shot. 

  • #8

     I tend to think guys who have the fetish for sausage in their blogs, have a deep longing for something that they themselves don't have and the sausage is symbolic. Or it is possible they they simply wish to show their sausage to others so that, they will hopefully admire them for it. Either way, this isn't my idea of edifying longevity.

  • #9

    Sometimes people enjoy looking out the window, so they can see what they can see through it. Sometimes I'd rather look at the glass....

  • #10

    I was always somewhat envious of bugs...they get to enjoy flowers more in certain respects...

    It was a figure of speech regarding the glass of a window...however with binoculars and telescopes in particular, I wouldn't hold looking at the glass in higher regard than what I could see with them...

  • #11

    checkmated a guy's queen # yolo swag 420

    u rly want that kind a blog

  • #12

    How about hemp chess?  Oops sorry wrong topic.

  • #13

    Hemp chess ?

    Do you mind sharing with the group ? I am not in the mood for surfing at the moment....

  • #14

    Lol I just made the name up and think Googling it wouldn't help a bit.  The group must be scratching their heads over that one Smile

  • #15

    As a connoisseur of many trivial facts, that was a new one to me. I was beginning to wonder if someone decided to make a chess set out of hemp. In this day and age, I would almost expect it.

  • #16

    Lol a topic could be: Hemp, more than a rope!

  • #17

    Makes me think of a notorious van I saw in a movie .....

  • #18
    nameno1had wrote:

    Makes me think of a notorious van I saw in a movie .....

    I think I seen that movie also, "Hemp Daze"?

  • #19

    My thoughts were "Up In Smoke"....

  • #20

    Maybe someone could invent a chess set made from hemp, when you capture the opponent's piece, you get to smoke it...sorry for scenario.

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