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What is it about Chess.com that...

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    What is it about Chess.com that makes people post their "modeling" pictures?

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    Afaf is wondering what you're talking about.

    (my glamour shot)

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    seems like everytime I log on there is someone that has been on the site one or two days and has uploaded a bunch of "model" style pictures.

    what is the motivation?  did someone start a jiff that you can get discovered here?

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    some don't even need to model...

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    latest account to arrive, then be deleted

    Adrianda Papakis

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    Karl_ wrote:

    The motivation is to get a lot of attention from lonely guys here.  Seems to work really well too from what I have seen.

    Now that's what you can call tactical skill (A)

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    Emperor045 wrote:

    Now that's what you can call tactical skill (A)

    Don't ask about (B) and (C), those things will hurt your eyes.

    Why else would we show off "beautiful" pictures?

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    BlacB wrote:
    What would life be without the mavericks who enjoy breaking the rules... even if only for a moment...

    On the other side of the internet, we have a different name for those who decide to break the rules for both the thrill of it and for the attention: trolls.

    There are two main ways to remove the trolls:

    1. Mods (moderators)This includes banning those who decide to be "new and hip" in breaking the rules. This is kind of controversial because what happens if the mods ban someone who is not a troll and happens to have a lot of pics of them, and they are beautiful? That's right, lots and lots of hate mail; and mods don't like to get hate mail. So they just stop paying attention to notifications sent by those who get banned, and no one can appease their ban.
      It's not fun getting banned and not having your voice heard; I've had it happen to me once, and I was kinda mad.
    2. The other way is for the members to come together and get all pissy at those who decide to be a troll; and as we have seen, that doesn't always work the best. Nothing really happens but members think that they are making some impact in the number of trolls, but the trolls just sort of ignore them and continue with their trolling. It also is just sort of helping the trolls get more attention and continue their trolling.

    As we have seen in the case of chess.com, they won't bother with choice 1; I personally think they are to afraid of the hate mail that will come with it, and decided against it. So they sort of ignore it and hope choice 2 will sort it out, but I have some news for you: choice 2 doesn't work. The trolls just come back faster and harder until the website is overrun and basically unusable. I suggested becoming a mod and banning trolls; but they would have none of that because I was too young, I'm still mad at that. I would happily make others a little mad at me if I could clean up chess.com and all of that.

    We have a saying: "don't feed the trolls".

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    There are two sides to the internet? Really? Interesting... maybe that is the problem.

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    MindTaster wrote:

    There are two sides to the internet? Really? Interesting... maybe that is the problem.

    Of course.

    But you would not like to see some of the crap that goes on on the other side, I could give you a link to something, but I won't do that.
    Actually I will, here you go! Make sure you have no "training" at all.

    I got to the bottom without cringing, I even laughed a couple of times.

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    BlacB wrote:

    Okay, young one (that is a term of endearment, for your youth and intelligence, not a slight.) I could barely make it past the cute animals. I was appalled by the bits I did see. Do you go looking for this stuff? Have you seen those types of images posted here? I realize there are many depraved minds in this world but I have to believe they are the minority. Is it your concern that the site could be overrun by those types of images because of what you consider to be the laissez-faire approach to moderating?

    Would you please not look at anymore stuff like that? I am concerned that you could... really.

    I do not go looking around for pictures that are in any way like that, they just always are around that "wonderful" sites that I go to, and I have become numb to them. I have seen the images that were posted all of them to be exact, but I need to go through it again because apearently some of those were JIFs and I didn't get to see some of those moving...
    Yes, I believe that if there were not hard enough mods on this site, there will eventually be someone who decides to just troll everyone into oblivion by posting those sorts of pictures on every thread; and when there is one, others will take notice, and more will follow.

    And don't worry, no images could possibly harm my mind; I've become indiferent for those sorts of things. I mannaged to get to the bottom without any problem, I even chuckled at the "fatality" one, if that helps at all.

    It was more of just a sort of "shock therapy" to make people want tough mods more, I woulden't like anything bad to happen to chess.com; it's just that people need to know just what the "other side" is capibal of, and it's not pretty or nice or anything. It gets brutal.

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    Not sure how this started but I have to insist that if you send me nude pictures of yourself please make sure you are worth seeing naked.

    I appreciate everyone's effort, but, not everyone should be seen without clothing.



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    Who on earth would be a member of this site for only 5 months, not played a game for 3 months, not belonbg to any groups, and yet supposedly know so much about various chess.com members? hmmmmmm

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