Why I Luv the DH in Baseball !

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    i looked back at a few posts, and remembered that there were a few inducted into baseball's hof this last week.

    no bonds, clemens, or sosa. 

    living hof'ers hate those that used steroids. frank thomas spoke about it when he was inducted. he said that many former players were happy for him and proud that he made it being clean.

    now, some of these guys have long memories. frank thomas went against the player's union (when he was active) and convinced the whole white sox team to volunteer to be tested. 

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    Thanks for the posts.

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    Those of us that are fans of Sports know that you need good players to have good entertainment. Where would Hockey have been without Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky ( etc ) or Baseball without Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron ( etc etc ). Sometimes we forget however that team owners are needed too, someone needs to invest some money in the pro-teams. The Detroit Tigers and Red Wings were owned by Mike Ilitch who has passed away at age 87.      

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    nice try, baddy, but, in today's world, talent wins.

    quite different from the days when there was a negro league. 

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Way up North here where the Edmonton Oilers play we nearly lost our NHL Team when the original owner got into some financial trouble. A group of people with a lot money had to step in and save the team ( so far so good   lol ).

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    i remember that. 

    forgive me for this, but, americans seem to only care about other americans. the deal you speak of was helped because of their success. i contrast that with the expos (now, nationals-how ironic). they never won a world series, even with the talent they had. 

    i notice this in what i do-golf. the lpga isn't popular because many top players are from asia. the pga tour has always been more popular and had higher tv ratings in the states when americans like tiger, phil, and spieth are winning.

    it bothers me to say it, but it's true.

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Well it is interesting that you mentioned the Expos. A few years back the ownership of the Blue Jays changed as well and I got a bit nervous as well but things seem stable there for now. 

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