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World cup 2010.

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    I hope Brazil wins.. I'd love the Socceroos to win, but know that won't happen.. Brazil is my second choice.

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    Anyone want to talk about 1966? Oh boy has it been a long time!

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    why did you delete your topic Bayview?

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    What did you quit, and why?

    Obviously not the site, you're still here :)

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    It's nearly time...and I just can't wait!!!!!!!

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    I'm for England this time since they invented the rules of modern football and haven't won in a while

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    England might need to change their goalkeeper to make that happen.

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    I see Spain or Brazil taking out the WC.

    I would love to see Argentina win it..  but after their game with Nigeria I think they might struggle... 1 Messi is not enough against a whole team.. they need a few Messi's.

    But it's early days yet.. the asian teams are on fire, Korea Republic and Japan... the underdogs are showing the way....

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    Underdogs,heh heh that has amused me.

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    Did I hear Alan Hansen correctly during the argentine v germany programme,after the match,the bit where Gary Lineker is showing the reaction of the german fans in berlin,off mike ?? no I don't think so.

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    what was their reaction Debbie?

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    The word from alan hansen,

     just after gary linekers last comment whilst still on camera shot of the german fans in berlin.

    I have it on playback and have gone over it several times and it is quite clear,

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    well, what did he say? ;)

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    Get hold of a copy of the programme it will be there, a very quick off the cuff one word remark,unless it has been edited,I will be contacting the BBC regarding this as I say I have the playback original,


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