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Bring back "Pardon our blunders" on ChessTV

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    I use to really enjoy watching this show every friday night (I'm from the UK), and Im dissapointed that there hasn't been a show in over 2 months. Is there anyone else who misses this show? If so, maybe we can set up some kind of petition to bring it back.

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       Original Chess.com/TV programming, including Pardon our Blunders, will be coming back once the summer is over and our Hosts aren't so busy with tournaments and life in general. Once it's announced in the Official Chess.com/TV Group about regular programming coming back, I will relay it in the public forums. Just have patience. It'll be back.  {#emotions_dlg.cool}


       Super Admin of the Official Chess.com/TV Group

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    Me too!

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       Give it a couple of weeks, maybe more. I'll announce it in public once I know and it's announced in the above mentioned TV group.  Cool



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