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Computer Analysis

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    Yeah, it might seem out of proportion, but I have to tell you that that particular feature--with its differences between gold and platinum--was the main reason I upgraded. I think that's probably the idea, right? To encourage people to upgrade?

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    5 seems to be a better fit in my opinion, however its not that much of an inconvenience for me to run my own analysis so I'm not complaining all that much. 

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    I also heard that this feature was actually quite expensive for the site owners, so I can understand they want to restrict heavy usage to those who are most supportive of chess.com.

    To be honest, if you want to run so much analysis, it might be better to get your own software for it anyway. The lvl 2200 analysis isn't without its quirks either.

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    I believe it is unfair for silver and gold members. But thats the way it is.

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    I'd rather have a higher level than more games.

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    Yeah, I mean 1 more than free membership??? That's pretty weak in my opinion, but hey I became a member before this feature came out so I'm not that angry since the 2 are more than I used to have :D

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    where can i find computer analysis software for my computer i been wanting to buy this software so i can do my own analysis if anyone knows the name of the software and where i can find it i would greatly appreciate thanks....

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    Well it depends on if you have a PC or a Mac and if you want to get something for free or buy something. The free options are very strong, so I suggest you at least try those first and only upgrade if you feel it is absolutely necessary. 


    For PC users, Rybka 2.2 is probably the strongest free option out there: http://www.rybkachess.com/index.php?auswahl=Demo+version


    For MAC, I have sigma chess with the limited hiarcs engine which I use for full game analysis, and Glaurung 2.1 for specific position analysis. Glaurung is much stronger but I can't figure how to put the engine into the sigma chess GUI to analyze full games...so I just use the hiarcs limited for game analysis. 

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    Jason, if you're interested in a commercial engine, and you're running Mac OS-X 10.3 or later, I think the strongest-rated engine now is Sigma Chess 6.1.6 HIARCS 12.1 MP, which supposedly runs on my 2.2 GHz Dual Core MacBook at Elo 2950. But it's not free . . . currently about US$ 80, I think. There's no Rybka for Mac.

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    Greetings, all, from our little corner of Thailand.


    I recently upgraded to Platinum membership mainly because I like the site very much and want to offer my 22 cents a day in support.  A fraction of the cost of a beer and a lot more fun. 


    I have started to use the computer-analysis feature and find it very enjoyable and instructive.  I have one question, though.  What do the numbers in parentheses indicate?  For instance:  “(+0.22) INACCURACY - Perhaps better was 6. Bc4.”  I have tried to find an explanation on the chess.com site but seem to have missed it.  Many thanks. 

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    The numbers in parentheses are the computer's evaluation of the position after that move. A pawn is valued as one point. The "+" means the position is better for White, while "-" is better for Black. So "(+0.22)" means that after that move, the computer evaluated the position (not the move) as being about 1/5 of a pawn up for White. To evaluate the effect of the move itself, you have to compare the position evaluations before and after the move. Obviously, the best move is the move that results in the best position evaluation for the player making the move--as the computer sees it, anyway.

    Oh, and, thaivagabond, your reason for upgrading to Platinum is the best of all--to support a great website.

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    Thanks very much for the great explanation, nimbleswitch. 


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    You're very welcome, thaivagabond. I'm only three months older than you and I'm envious of your fine-sounding retirement, which I won't see for another year and one-half. Your wife is very beautiful!

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    So the alternative is to get some computer software?

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    Nimbleswitch, thanks for the kind words. The photo of us is four years old;  I was 59 and my wife was 47.  If you would like to know more about life in this part of the world, let's keep in touch by email:  gmduffee@chess.com.  Regards.

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    Is erik going to respond?

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    um... i dont think so.

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    how do you get a computer analysis.  I cant find it anywhere?

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    To get a Chess.com computer analysis of your game, you just click on Computer Analysis, which is right under Give a Trophy, over at the right of your game board just above the message board / moves list. The Computer Analysis option does not appear until after your game is over. Chess.com will then notify you by Message when the analysis is done--usually after just a few hours, in my experience. You don't have to do this right after the game is finished. You can get a computer analysis of any of your completed games by going back to it and clicking on Computer Analysis.

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