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Creating & Managing Groups

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    Chess.com allows only Premium Members to create and manage groups. I see many groups having Non-Premium members as one of the Super Admins.

    My doubt is, if I create a group & make a Non-Premium Members as Super Admin, Can he manage the team even if I quit the group?

    In other words, Can a Non-Premium Member to get the help of a Premium Member to create a group for him & later manage it without the support of Premium Members as Super Admin.



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    Yes, if a premium member created a group and then later must leave that premium member can choose another member to manage the group while they are gone no matter if that member is a basic membership or premium membership. Of course you can decide who you want to add and not add as a Super Admin to your group.

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    In this case, this is a short cut to break the rules.Right?

    A Normal Member cannot create & manage groups. But he can request his friend who is a premium member to create a group for him & make him a super admin. Later remove (or request to Quit) the premium member who created the group.

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    hey, how DO YOU create a group?

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    i'm really asking

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    you go on to share then you go on to groups and teams and near the top right corner there will be a box and one of the buttons will say create a group.

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    No, I think the other member must be kicked out or close his account. Right?


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