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    What does +M150 mean in "Qxd5 +18.89/11 0s Rhh8 +M150/11 0s"

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    I dont think that is +M150; it is +M15 0/11 0s. Should be a space between the 15 and 0.

    That would mean mate in 15.

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    Thanks a lot.Smile But then what would "0/11" mean.

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    rogernoam wrote:

    Thanks a lot. But then what would "0/11" mean.

    You want to post the analysis here or if you don't want it to be public knowledge, message it to me.

    I don't use the analysis feature here that much and couldn't find one of the ones that I have done in the past. I started a new one but it may take a while to get.

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    OK, I haven't found the specifics but with Deep Shredder, +M150 apparently means that White is completely winning (mate is basically unstoppable or has a massive material advantage) but the engine does not see a forced line to mate at its current depth, 11 ply in this case.

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    Thanks a lot Martin. Appreciate it.

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    I ran that game through Houdini 1.5a and it was at over +300 (it's evaluation of completely winning for white) until it got to a depth of 13 ply when it showed a mate in 13. Once it got to 19 ply it is showed mate in 9.

    So, I guess that your engine uses the +M150 in the manner I described.

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    Thanks Martin. It's frustating because none of these things is mentioned in the user manual. Can you recommend another engine. Houdini?

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    From a documentation standpoint, I don't really have any suggestions. I think pretty much any modern engine is good for post-game analysis. I use Houdini 1.5a since it is one of the best free engines.

    I have a few others downloaded and have used them in the past.

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    Thanks a lot Martin!

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