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Software or online tool to analyze "Tactics Trainer" source

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    Is there an interactive tool (at chess.com or 3-d party) where I could load the problem source (like http://www.chess.com/tactics/view_source.html?id=32797&t=1211388683" to follow good and inferior lines interactively, please?

    I tried "paste pgn" with "analysis board and editor" and I can get the board setup, but not the alternative lines.

    Thanks in advance,


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    it's in the pipeline of things to build!

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    erik wrote:

    it's in the pipeline of things to build!

    you must have a really big pipeline. 

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    Computer Workout seemed a good start, I think merging it with tactics trainer would go a long way towards addressing this request, no?

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    It would be great if it was possible to go (in 1 click) from tactics trainer (having failed or solved the puzzle) into

    a) interactively explore alternative continuations from pgn

    b) play against computer from starting point or continue an alternative line

    c) play against yourself in computer analysis mode (with engine evaluating the potential moves, relative strength, most likely lines, etc)

    Would be great to have this functionality on iPhone too. Now there is only option to play against myself with no analysis and no option to copy/paste pgn into another app


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