5 yr old chess player


My name is Javad Nazer. I have a girl which is 4.5 years old. Her name is Baran. She is the youngest profetional chess player in Iran. she played chess when she was 2 years old.She is champion of under 6 years old chess turnument of Iran now. she is traning for under 6 yeare old world champion turnument. i guess that she is the youngest profesional chess player in ther world. If any body wanted to know more about my girl can see her instagram page.



The OP hasn't been online in 8 years


pushy parent alert!


I'm 46 and I can't get pass 600 rating grin.png Good job and I bet some day the history will repeat itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjEmquJhSas

2Kd21-0 wrote:

The OP hasn't been online in 8 years

His kid probably joined the circus to escape chess-nut dad.



Kids a stud

Lots of parents get ideas about their kid being some brilliant prodigy. Look at him saying "I'm not sure what to do next"... as if he has some extraordinary genius on his hands and he feels overwhelmed by him and unqualified on how to proceed. The reason why the kid can play chess better than a few others is because of you showing him, persisting and encouraging him - so you get that back at you in response. It's not like all other kids have that at that age or at any age. Nobody showed Fischer chess.  




Your son could become a grandmaster when he grows up.

action500 wrote:

Your son could become a grandmaster when he grows up.

Or even a WGM!


I used to help out at the chess club with the juniors and every U8 that came through the door was the next Kasparov or Polgar. They soon become aware that OTB chess at the club is a different kettle of fish to casual games at home.


this child is a teen now



I want to know how his chess career is going