chess ladder rules


With the system I use,, we create a laminated card for each kid with a piece of Velcro stuck to the back. The ladder has a long strip of the other side of the Velcro.  As kids win and lost games,, they make the appropriate adjustments on the ladder by moving their name tags up or down the ladder as appropriate.


I like the way you are doing it, FS5998, It sounds much better than the peg board and name plates with pegs that I was considering. I will give that a try.  Thanks for the idea.


I've been giving this some thought for our club, but haven't tried any of it.  Let me know what you think.

Use a chess board for up to 8 ladders, one for each file.  At the beginning, just put everyone on 'file a' and when it fills up with 8 players (and the file to the right is empty), take the top half of the players and bump them over to 'file b'.  Players can only be challenged by others that are within their file.  If a player reaches a rank on their file that is higher than the highest player on the next file over, they can automatically join that file at the bottom and boost every other player on that file up one rank.  A player can also automatically join the next file if they reach the 8th rank on their file and defend that position against a challenger.  Another bump may occur if someone joins your file and you are in the 8th rank already.

New players to the ladder system just join at 'a1' and can challenge anyone in the 'a file'.  Beating a higher ranked player exchanges those players' positions.  Set whatever limitations you want concerning the number of times players can challenge each other.  I think a sensible limitation might be that while the 'a4' player, let's call him Bob, challenges the 'a7' player, Steve, and loses, then Bob now needs to either defend his spot once or advance to 'a5' or 'a6' before challenging Steve again.  If someone else takes Steve's 'a7' spot, then Bob may challenge that person. 

If your club is big enough that someone can reach the 'h8' position, award them the title of 'knight', where everyone else that has played up until now is a 'pawn'.  The 'knight' player can now work their way up the ladder system again starting from 'a1'.  While this might seem discouraging, these stronger players should see it as earning 'achievements' or 'distinctions' and should alleviate the problem of stagnation.

Like I said, I have not tried this, and there are probably bugs to work out.  For example, maybe your club will never have 64 players an nobody could ever achieve the 'knight' title.  Perhaps then you could just decide that 'c8' (or any 8th-rank square depending on the size of your club) is the promotion square where they advance their title.  Obviously the strongest players could, over time, continue to promote from 'knight' to 'bishop', 'rook', 'queen', and finally 'king'.  In my head, this seems like it would take a really long time, especially if you are using all 64 squares.  

If your club is really big (more than 64 players), I suggest you divide the players into divisions.  You could simply call them the Upper and Lower Divisions, or Division I and Division II, or something.

rathemon wrote:

I've been giving this some thought for our club, but haven't tried any of it.  Let me know what you think.



I think having the strongest players in the club have to destroy a bunch of much worse rated players most of the time is going to be discouraging for both.   If you want to create a super ladder then let them keep their "pawn" slot near the beginning and make them play say a knight down as a second person working their way up the ladder.  Then a rook, then a queen (and I guess you could keep going).  Giving odds will make the game more interesting for both players. 


Are these "ladder competitions for over the board ladders?  I am looking to set up a group/club ladder within my Pup Pack group.  It would be all online competition within members of my group.  I need a system that will not be very confusing yet allow the person/admin running the ladder to easily make changes, track games and post results while the players can easily see the Ladder, their position, and who else i playing etc.  I had a ladder several years ago that I was running, which involved keeping track of 4 forums, one for the rules, one for the ladder members rankings, one for discussions about the ladder and one for Challenges, accepting challenges, posting results.   I could combine the rules and the ladder rankings in one forum, but trying to keep it in one forum became a night mare finding challenges, accepted challenges, and posted results with all the other discussions intermingled.   

Thoughts about the Ladder Admin  in v2 and my previous ladder system, if the admin was absent for an extended length of time or decided to step aside a whole new ladder system had to be set up by the next admin. 


I would like to have a restricted Ladder Admin account set up (only for one club ladder with no other access to club functions or games etc. ) so that two or three admins given the responsibilities for maintaining the club ladder and can login to the account and step in when the senior ladder admin is on vacation or away for an extended period, or steps down from the Ladder admin position. This would eliminate having to recreate a new ladder with each change of admins.