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Chess Sin?

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    hairhorn wrote:

    It's better to do the math yourself.

    How many possible first moves are there for White? And how many for Black? Are all the resulting positions unique? Multiply the two values to get the number of positions after two plies. This number is not big at all, but grows quickly with more moves.

    You won't understand much in life just looking up the answer in the back of the book.

    so you are saying that all the scientists of NASA cannot do basic mathematics and all those chess gurus are wrong in researching the figures because we have to use what you found out which is BASELESS or know like Trump you want us to now use alternative facts
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    No, I just think you don't understand what you've read.
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    hairhorn wrote:

    No, I just think you don't understand what you've read.

    You know you are now arguing like a self conceited person why are u refusing facts because you have rigidly believed your methods which are factless because you are not backing them with any credible source. I mean nowadays people in this world are shallow choosing to argue with perception, judgement based on only the face value of things instead of looking into things deeper. And just stop using basless information.
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    You need a source to know how many legal moves there are in the first two plies? 

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    Am talking about ways to play the moves didn't you read the correction I made or were u in a hurry to get your point across

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    How many "ways to play" the first two moves are there, then?

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    haha, Cheers


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     Your thinking about this to hard, why would chess be a sin? What commandment dose it break? 

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    I know right

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    There are multiple reasons why chess is a sin that I'm sure of.

    1. Ever felt really great after crushing your opponent or felt really down if you lose? That's not wholesome and produces the wrong type of character. We all have felt it!

    2. Pieces are sacrificed for some "greater end" and they are just there to be used. Much like the top elite of this world look at other people or "sheeple" as they would like to call them. A horrible way of looking at other people. Even if you just view the pieces as just pieces there is still something wrong with it. Wouldn't you agree?

    3. The black/white freemasonic-type look makes it satanic. The devil essentially says: what is light or dark is really up to you (no right or wrong). Everything is a means to an end: this definitely make it satanic. There are many masonic temples with checkered floors and the like. 

    4. Chess causes many people to become obsessed. This is not good and can even wreck relationships! Not just remove them from the spiritual...

    5. Chess can sharpen some skills, but I don't think it makes anyone happy in the long run. People just tend to focus on improving their game and don't often lose with grace. Ultimately its a HUGE time-waster.

    I hope more christians and others realize this and quit chess altogether like I did after many years. 

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     Troll level: beginner. 


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