Chess Tactics Are Bad


In chess tactics there is always something to be gained, in a chess game it is seldom the case.

In Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess puzzles have the possibility to not go anywhere.


Not exactly sure what you have in mind

L_Baitis wrote:

Not exactly sure what you have in mind

to have such expectations of victory one must cultivate faith rather than to repeatedly place themselves into irrelevant positions where some concrete advantage is to be gotten by way of trickery or long, forced lines.


I see what you mean now good point


One of the main reasons for tactics training is to become familiar with the patterns. Then, when you see a postion in a game that is similar, you can hopefully calculate if a tactic might exist or not.


Tactics teach you to calculate. It is not always to gain material or to checkmate the king,it can be a defensive tactic. In general when you practice tactics you calculate better, through remembering patterns.Chess is mostly calculation but unlike engines, we humans need to be aware of certain patterns to ease our calculations.

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Improving your tactical vision helps you to stop blundering. If you blunder - you lose. So stop blundering first then learn strategy. What is the reason of getting a better position if you can't see that your opponent can win a free rook in two moves?


Chess tactics isn't bad.


Maybe if the original poster made more tactics, he would be a better player.

As pointed out by Mr. Hikarunaku, tactical training prepares your brain for calculating the consequences of your moves