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    Is there any chess clubs near me?
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    huanglz wrote:
    Is there any chess clubs near me?

    Want to give us a clue about what state, town, city and country you live in?

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    huanglz wrote:

    Well, you are kind of in the less populated section of Michigan but there is one guy from Midland who is a member here.



    He probably knows about if there are any places to play chess. He might meet you at the library if you ask nicely.

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    I think you can go to www.uschess.org and look for a club near you.

    Or you could resort to the google or some such.

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    Thanks notmtwain! I contacted him
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    notmtwain, are you talking about the Grace A Dow library?
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    huanglz wrote:
    notmtwain, are you talking about the Grace A Dow library?

    I don't know anything about your town. However, many chess clubs meet in town libraries.  You might start one in your town. 

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    I noticed there is also a college/university in your town. Looks like a private school of some sort but you might be able to find some players there. Maybe get in touch with the campus activities board if they have one or see if you can post something there looking for players (on a bulletin board or something).

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    Ok thanks!
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    He isn't repling
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    No one here can really help you much more than they already have.

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    I guess
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