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How many hours a day do you put in chess

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    how many hours do you study, and then how many playing.

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    Not that much. Now I have a regular job, not chess-related.

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    3 hours studying a day, apart from on Wednesdays when I'll have at least one long game.

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    I work at a circulation desk at a library--probably half of my time I spend playing chess online. Outside of work, maybe an hour or two every other day. I may go a week or longer not playing outside of work, though.

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    I reckon I average about an hour, maybe a little better on good weeks.

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    I spend like an hour a day playing online games and live games on here :)

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    3 hours a day, on the weekends usually more.

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    1-5 hours a day. 5 days a week.

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    I used to put in some serious amount of time like a year before, something around 3 hours a day for a few years, and with that, a lot of following chess news, events, interviews and other bits of chess culture, being a fanboy of certain players, collecting chess quotes etc.

    Especially for the last months I sadly don't have time for any serious study, I hate blitzing but that's what I've been doing in my correspondence games here for months and I'm watching my ability and quality of my games diminish with utter desperation.

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    Weekday = 2-3 hours

    Weekend 4-6 hours

    Sounds like a lot but it's not really work seeing as technically it's a game.

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    5-6 10 minute games every day and maybe reading something chess related in the evening.

    Probably not the way to go if I would wanna be better XD


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