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How much and how fast

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    Hi, I've played chess when I was young a little and so I'm working on trying to remember how to play... and it seems like I learn very little from my current games, everything happens so fast and you are not really touching the pieces with your hands so that might be a big part of it.. I play 15|10 and 5|2 games and slowly getting better and better, but, when similar games happen again I don't remember what I did wrong the last time, or if i won just by instinct alone and should just go with the flow... Im just frustrated cuz it feels like i've hit a plateau, I'm teaching myself but theres all those billions of names of different variations and systems o.O that I dont even know where to start.. ok im done

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    I think you should play slower games, they are better for improvement. Have you tried Online Chess?

    Make sure you analyze every game you have finished with a strong chess engine, train tactics daily, follow the articles here on chess.com.

    And don't miss this: http://www.chess.com/download/view/chesskidcom-curriculum

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    cool thank you, what would be a good chess engine to use ?

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    6 at 7.45645431 mph.

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    that fast huh ? my goodness *Zoooom*


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