How to get from 1300-1500 in Rapid


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Asking what the difference between every 100-200 rating isn't very productive. You just have to increase your understanding of certain concepts, knowledge and ability and that's all it is. You can't pin point it to something specific. 

If you have 3 players at your elo all of them can increase by 100-200 rating from different means. 

Improve your knowledge of your openings after every game, look at them, it will get you into easier situations that you are more familiar with.

Save the tactics you miss ingame and keep looking at them, daily.

Study the common endgames, especially king/pawn and rook/pawn endgames. Get familiar with opposition.

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I dunno work hard I guess
Hehehe I am already at 1400 on rapid
UltimateChessPlay wrote:
Hehehe I am already at 1400 on rapid

Your account started 1800 and declined to 1400... not much of an accomplishment with 73% losses


I would say try winning more games at faster time controls. That's sure to bring about the result you're looking for.


Some people work hard to get from 1200 to 1800 but some get 1800 for free. Classic


Play Stronger Opposition ( 150 -- 300 rating difference is what I would suggest) As much as you can, anaylse your games. i wouldnt focus, and/or put too much time into Openings until you are at least on the borderline of 1600. even then you dont need or have to memorize tons of variations until youre prollly around 2000. I wouldnt suggest playing more then one opening at the 1300s 1400s 1500s or even 1600s stick to one opening you know and feel you play well with white and vice versa with Black. But most Importlantly Just have Fun.


Thank you everyone! I was doing everything what you mentioned and now I am 1404! Thanks for you support and useful tips


Good job, you are improving fast happy.png.

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Good job, you are improving fast .

Thank you, another thing I am also doing is enjoying the game, and it is also about psychology, when I am frustrated of something I just lose plenty of games. So everyone who wanna just improve needs to love the game I guess!