Psychology Research Project

PsychWolfie26 wrote:
Good Morning,
Looking for chess players (any skill level welcome, including those who are still "brand new" to chess) to participate in a research project I am working of for my psychology class at MSJC (Menifee campus). This project will also be the main focus of the rest of my life's work as a psychologist/chess instructor. For any and all who would be interested in participating, here is the Chess Scenario:
Dark is to make the next move. Castling has already taken place. And Dark has been checked.
Your goal, is to solve for checkmate playing as Dark.
If you choose to play, if you could please record and message me your game notation, as well as pictures/screenshots of the end board positions, that would be greatly appriciated. I will also ask if you could please fill out a survey after your game. You can choose to not fill out the survey if you do not want to. :)
Thank you in advance for any and all who participate in the study, as well as just sending me their notation :).
What follows next, will be the positions of the pieces, creating the scenario Dark is in. Once the check on Dark has been solved for, you can continue playing the game until the goal (checkmate/draw/checkmated) has been reached. I look forward to seeing how you solve for the goal. You may choose however to continue playing: Online chess website (I've used to play with a computer. Make sure you include the skill level of any computer you play this game with.), or on a physical chess board (please let me know if you played with another person).
And please, remember to play as honestly as possible 🙏
Here is the Scenario, Dark to move next: (Will provide screenshot of positions if interested, or will explain where the pieces are positioned if I cannot send an image to those interested in participating.)

I think you need to work on this some more. The objective seems very unclear. Is there a point to your research?

Also, people usually call the "dark" pieces black.



So from this position, playing as Dark (and I am aware that "Black" is used, however, there is a reason why I refer to the Black pieces as Dark, and White pieces as Light),  how would you continue playing the game? It is at this point in the game presented on the board, that I am analyzing the moves made by all who participate. The goal of what I am studying in the chess games I collect, is the decisions that were made in the participants' games, and how they may relate to the everyday decisions made by the participant. 



Here we go... now I figured out how to post the image! 


You're sure you're a "psychologist/chess instructor"?


Jenium wrote:

You're sure you're a "psychologist/chess instructor"?

Working towards it. Few more semesters and i earn my Associates. Chess instructor is the career I'd like to pursue and combine my studies in psychology 😊


When you say "castling has taken place", you must be referring to a different game.

Also, did the white rook use a Star Trek transporter to get to d8? You didn't say if it was some sort of variant or if normal rules applied.



I hope I would never be either player in this game. Both players are idiots for allowing this board position. LaughingLaughingLaughing