Sharing lessons through a blog or website


Hi Chess Coaches,

I thought I'd share a great tool I've recently started using. is an online chess database tool for embedding annotated games onto my website.

You can also share a game or a full database with students just by sending a email with a link (a bit like YouTube).

I also get my students to create their own database and share it with me, then as they add more games I always have access to them without hassling the kids for scoresheets!

It seems to have most of the basic features of a database and apparently it will soon have the ability to highlight squares and do arrows for more interactive lessons.

The free version only gives you 3 databases with 100 games in each - which has been enough for me so far, but for only $20 you can get something like 1000 bases.

Hope this helps you...



I have a goog collection of games played by my students on and some generted by my software which is used by students. I find some critical positions ( tactical / strategical ) from them and ask the students to find correct continuation. Some who have learned from game analysis do find new moves some commit same mistakes as in the game!

       There many more resources which are available on net which you can use to post games on web site and many of them are free. 


I learn a lot from GM Smirnov course, which i recommend for every level.