Stuck at 890


Efim Geller was also very strong and started late with chess, he was the player with the best score against Bobby Fischer

drmrboss wrote:

500 rating in 5 months is decent. You cant magically get 1200-1300 unless about minimum 2 years of play. And then 100 per year is average for most people up to 1500

 Above that you need extensive and systematic study.

I can beat 1300 USCF consistently in classical time format (1 hour+). I only started playing around September 2017. I only trained for about a hour per week. It's very, very easy to get 500 if you put in any effort at all. Just train you tactics and you'll be good to go. I've even got 2 wins against 1500 USCF players. Tactics is the key.

Thanks for the advice!! I was seeking a methods to break free from the 700s into the 800s. My target was to 1200 within four months (with the context that i have also been playing for year but have taken several long breaks like years between play).



tons and tons of puzzles