Chess. com keeps crashing after I hit Analyze


Game report has not been working for several days for me. I never get past the loading screen: 

I can't get into the analysis board from anywhere.

macOS 10.14
Google Chrome Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Even if this gets fixed today, it's not acceptable. When I pay for a diamond membership, I expect full stability. New versions of important features can't replace the old versions before they are completely tested for errors. I really appreciate the work that the team put into developing and improving the site, but the new analysis board has been inaccurate, erroneous and buggy since it was launched. We should have had the option of using the old analysis version in this period. 


"When I pay for a diamond membership, I expect full stability."

I agree and I won't be renewing my diamond membership because of this.

I can only get Analyse to not crash if I hit Ctrl+click Analyze.

Always! when I click Analyse directly, as intended, it crashes the browser....any browser.


This is now happening in the Puzzle Rush too. 



No you have us completely baffled, @novelty-Move... you are getting the same "Not enough memory" message on Puzzle Rush?


I have also seen it in random cases, recently, when I try to walk into a live gave from the "games archive". Just entering the game cause that "not enough memory" message to occur (maybe approximately 10% of the times) and when it happens I must exit the browser and restart it to be able to do anything on at all. One interesting thing (for me) is that it seems to occur on Chrome only, not on Firefox.


it crashes even during live games on my oppo f9

dallin wrote:

No you have us completely baffled, @novelty-Move... you are getting the same "Not enough memory" message on Puzzle Rush?


Yes I am, BUT it's when I click the problems I miss and want to play them again. 

Not in the middle of playing it. 

So once again seems to have something to do with the analyze function. 

Although it this case it happens just as I click the actual tactic. That's before clicking analyze once the problem is up on the screen. 

Here are the steps. 

1. I'm done playing puzzle rush and I want to see the tactics I missed. 

2. I click the small square that has the rating number in it. 

3. Once that takes me to the next page I get the exact same message. 

This is intermittent. 

Clicking Analyze after a game will always crash and say "not enough memory" UNLESS I hold down the Control key and click Analyze that way. Then it launches a new tap and I'm good to go. However as I start clicking around the Analyze page it's happened there too.


As of last night and today the crashes aren't just happening when I click "Analyze". 

They're also happening while I'm there trying to figure out better moves and some of the other stuff that's offered in there.


Just wanted to follow up and say that in my last two or three playing sessions I've had no crashes. 

Will report back in a few days just to keep people, and maybe, informed.


Thanks for following up, @novelty-move... I hope the crashless streak continues!


Unfortunately I am still getting those crashes. 

They seem to be more as I'm navigating around the post analysis interface, like trying different moves, looking at mistakes, blunders, and trying to figure out something better. 

Not so much immediately after clicking Analysis.