Unlimited free reviews?


I am a free user, without any kind of membership to this site. However, I am able to review/evaluate all of my current games for free. Like everyone, I used to get a prompt that my daily one free evaluation has ended until yesterday, however today I was able to review 15 of my games without any interruptions. Although the accuracy isnt visible permanently on the game, I am able to view it alongside the mistakes, blunders, brilliancies, etc etc everytime I click evaluate on any game of mine. Is this some sort of a bug? I dont want my account banned for unintentionally exploiting a bug. Or is this a new feature (I am a beta user, so maybe a new feature in testing) Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?


your a good person for reporting that

duntcare wrote:

your a good person for reporting that


miciogattomatto wrote:

i'd want to know the same thing... i only created my account not a lot ago... and until today when i verified my email i could do infinite reviews

Basic members can do unlimited reviews but after the first daily one, the rest are depth 10 and don't show accuracies or Brilliant/Great moves.