An idea for a training aid


While thinking of ways to improve my play, I came to the conclusion that there are several things that are crucial to honing one's skills. I was thinking of a way to either integrate them somehow, or to accelerate the process. I realize that most things have probably already been tried and it would be a tall order to improve upon what is already available.


One of the things that came to mind was the need to simply play. Repetition is certainly a big key to memorizing the positions, methods, etc, required to improve and be really adept at this game. Another thing that came to mind was the need to analyze one's games to see where it could have played better.


The next thing I am going to mention is perhaps more opinion in orientation, but it is often unorthodox things that are effective and even ground breaking for future development of many things. So I tried to think of some of the crazier things I had ever heard of anyone doing to get better at chess. Surprisingly, nothing really came to mind except for one thing. That was Bobby Fischer playing himself in games.


I have tried playing myself a few times. I find it increasingly difficult to choose a move, because I am forced to consider the reply I would have to each move somewhat differently, than I would my opponent. The difference is, I know what I want to play, but I don't always know my opponent's intent. This really forces additional consideration of each choice to the point that you don't feel like you can settle on a move until you are sure it is the best you can do. You have a better idea before what the better moves are if you know what will come to pass, than if you don't.


This has been somewhat helpful, but one thing I never did was post game analysis of these games. It hit me like a ton of bricks, this has got to be one of the most effective things any chess player could ever do. It gives you a chance to study every facet of your game, carefully consider your choices in perhaps the shrewdest way possible to the point that it literally forces you through the variations to the point that you will learn to do's and don'ts very well of your own style/preferences.


If you throw in post game analysis, you can see even further how effective the tactical choices of an engine would be and how well your positional choices gave you an advantage. After all, it is really difficult to learn from an engines choices, if you don't even understand them. If you can more easily learn to avoid the tedious lines that an engine chooses, you are more likely to win.


Doing this will also help you to see what defenses are best against what openings, if you play enough in this way. It will help you quickly learn the basic themes necessary to deal with what ever is thrown at you.


The problem I have ran into recently while intending to try this is, the post game analysis part of it would be tedious an time consuming if one had to first of all make sure to record all of their game moves flawlessly and then reenter them into a pgn file format. Afterward, you still have to have an engine to do the analysis. I do have access to a few, but they aren't very user friendly IMO for something like this.


This is why I am proposing that provide us with an interface to do this. The existing play the computer program could be easily adapted over for this if it were made with a two player mode. Plus, we can play someone in our own home on using our account. I'd love to put it on my big screen tv. I think this would be a far better idea than trying to use this as an excuse for multiple accounts. It would be easy to record the pgn here and analize it with our own engine. I am not certain if premium members who play the computer here can get their games analyzed by's system, but I do know you can in live chess. I would love to see this made possible. I think it would help many people to improve.


Thanks for the consideration. I also welcome any feedback.


You could try your idea out with SCID, a free database program.  Just start a game and make the moves for both sides.  You can start an engine and it will rate the moves as you make them.  Or, you can wait until you finish the game and then ask the engine to analyze the entire game.  You can save the game (in SCID) and/or export it to pgn.


I downloaded one of those, turned out to be free only for so long.


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nameno1had wrote:

I downloaded one of those, turned out to be free only for so long.

Say what?


Say What ? 

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I actually got it Billy, to analyze games I thought I was maybe cheated in....


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