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Android app game caching

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    I use the Android chess app to play on my commute to work.  However, internet access is needed to play online games.

    It would be very nice if the Android app could keep a cache of my games.  When I open the game list in the morning and see that I have moves to play, I should be able to play them in the subway and have my moves sent to chess.com later when internet access is restored.

    Same applies for iOS app.


    Thanks for considering my feedback ;)

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    I totally agree with this suggestion.

    Caching seems to be a simple thing to implement, even if the user  was forced to store the move as a "draft" or "pending" move and manually resubmit it later with an internet connection.

    Personally I find it very annoying that I can't even think about tactics and possible moves without an internet connection.

    It's not even like caching the games would take much space, chess games are very small to store on a computer.

    Hopefully chess.com will consider this and implement it.


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