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Censoring foul language

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    I for one am tired of seeing racist, rude, derogatory, profanity remarks towards other people on chess.com . Can we have a system to block out messages during chats, notes, forums and comments containing very very profain words. I'd prefer this site to be a bit more mature and friendly than people lashing out horrible words towards others. I mean honestly I dont want to see people say f*****t, b***h, f****r, d**k......etc. It makes the whole experience of playing online kind of degrading. 

    Anyways this is my opinion and nothing more. What does everyone on this site think?

    [Foul language removed!  Mod]

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    I would agree with you had I had any reason to do so, but I have not seen one derogatory post in a thread in the some 6 or so months I've been on.

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    Well I'm glad that the threads have been clean then =)

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    is not clean now, you've already said some words in there as an example.

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    Poor troll attempt.

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    who ?

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    Well I'm happy we have a moderator for our forums =)

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    potential blockbuster thread!

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    HyorioLee wrote:

    Well I'm happy we have a moderator for our forums =)

    There are quite a few moderators in the forums here :)

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    This thread reminds me of this:


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    It's just foul language. Could be from marking somene's sexual identity, which I have no idea why anyone would ever call out anyone for being gay or homo since I find this remark very descriminating. And just about any made up foul language in the dictionary. I've also seen it in other language like french and spanish. This is very saddening =(. And thanks Kohai and everyone working as staff, I'm glad there are people like you =)

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    It's the vulgar and derogatory comments, remarks and words allowing you to feel clean.  Think about it. 

    On a personal note, I find censorship to be oppressive and more offensive than written or typed words from an angry opponent (stick and stones...).  Additionally, careful what you wish for - the universe doesn't do small-scale fulfillment.


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