android application


how is this android application to others? it keep giving notification of last is not good enough


It's a little buggy.. but I keep trying and it eventually works.


i haven't had any major issues with it. decent so far.


it was working well for first few hours.later it keep giving the notification of last game that finished meantime there will be my moves waiting


Biggest problem I have is that I have to remember to turn my cell phone off, or put it on "Airplane mode" before playing a speed game on  I have lost many a game because I suddenly get booted off in the middle of a 2 or 3 minute game with the message "Another Log In Has Been Detected."  I understand not wanting two people logged in under the same user name, but there has to be something that can be done to know the difference between the smart phone app and me logged in at my computer.  When I remember to turn my phone off, there are no issues.  But when you're sitting at the computer, it doesn't always occur to you to shut off your cell phone before playing.


Submitting moves for either tactics trainer or for an online game can hang the app if your phone momentarily loses connection. Unfortunately, that makes playing on the metro on the way to work very annoying.