Closed Accounts are not removed from Groups & Team Matches


Many accounts are closed for cheating. But these closed accounts are not removed from Group Members.

Also, if any player is registered for a team match & his account was closed before starting the match, he is not removed from the team when the team match starts.

For example,player  S_M_Arsalan's account was closed for cheating before locking the teams for match :

 Team admins did not remove him from the roster before locking the team. When the match started, he is not removed from the match.

Whenever an account is closed, the player should be removed the groups & the team matches which are still Open for registration


I wrote something about that too. I agree.


Another bug!!!

Look @ this game,

Player who was caught for cheating is on vacation Innocent


That's outrageous!


He had 2000 + rating in live chess