Computer Analysis Format


Since the recent format changes, when I send a game for computer analysis, it is impossible to watch the moves being replayed on the board and see the comments at the same time.  There is a ton of empty space on the page, so perhaps some re-arranging could be done in order to bring the comment box up closer to the board?  If you can't read the comments while you are viewing the board, the analysis becomes virtually useless.


Is no-one else having a problem with this?

Where is the computer on site that does amalyize you games for you. This is a great way for players to improve there game and they say it his a must if you are to improve??

If you win a game, just below the words "kingdasher won by checkmate" you will see a list of four options.  The fourth one is "computer analysis".  Just click on that one to submit the game for analysis.

The same options also appear if you lose a game or it is a draw. will send you a message with a link in it when the analysis is done. Smile