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cursor position in chess games

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    Does anyone else find it frustrating to have to reposition the cursor before you can page down on your chess games? The page comes up with the bottom part covered, the cursor is positioned in the chat window and page down or up .... doesn't.

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    I've never noticed this problem.

    Where exactly are you seeing it?

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    the cursor is positioned in the chat window .. maybe it's a Firefox bug?  it's positioned to talk instead of do ... some people talk, others do  ;-)

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    I guess if you always use the mouse it's not a problem. some people don't do as well with a mouse ... for me it's easier to press page down then to grab the mouse and scroll.

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    Sorry, can you talk me through exactly what you're clicking on from the Homepage?

    When I go into one of my games the cursor is where I left it from the previous page(where I selected the game).

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    Ah, you mean the up and down arrow keys?

    Yeah I can see how that might be annoying if you're used to using them.

    I'm on a Mac and I can scroll on the trackpad by swiping with two fingers so I never thought to use those keys.

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    I can scroll with my mouse pad but with that cursor position only the chat responses move - not the page:-(

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    hahahha hi Doc i never knew you could use them keys for that i always use themouse on my laptop , any way iam coming for some of your points real soon 

    maybe not today , maybe not tomorrow but real real soon Undecided

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    bring it on Phil ... :)

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    no ... it's not a firefox issue ... If I could take a look at their software I could tell them how to fix it in a New York minute ... and I'm sure there's a connection with the facelift which overall is very good but I'm pretty sure the up and down arrows and page up and down worked fine with the old message box ... just a foo paw in the update but they apparently haven't acknowledged it yet. I sent a help message in and got back .. that's the way it's supposed to function. :-(

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    ... I meant to say it works the same in IE 7.


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