Customer feedback


Feed back on the + and - of



1. easy access via browser anywhere a nice feature

2. Videos - good videos with good instructors

3. Chess mentor-good training program although can be purchased elsewhere. Like

4. Tactics trainer- I like the show you the last move before the tactical position


1. The ability to decline playing as a color by aborting

2. no coverage of big tournaments

3. the Mickey Mouse connection problems - get a time stamp!! The conserns about people disconnecting to not finish a game can be handled in other ways finish the game or its auto forfeit in 24 hours is just one that comes to mind. Unless there is a programming reason why this can not be fixed the rest is just lack of customer consern. As a note I do send business to this site but if you want me to consider it a professional site fix this problem.

4. Cost! The cost of items is excessive when compared to other sites.

In summary I see this site having great potential but with the connection problems (That happens online is not an excuse) playing will be a frustration here and puts it several categories below other sites and on par with playing on Yahoo (groan)


another con:

If your a basic member they never stop asking you to upgrade. Even with gold or platinum account they still ask you to upgrade to diamond.


ummm...i wasn't been asked to upgrade since I became premium