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    hi all,

    lately I've been using the game explorer a lot to get a feel for how the masters play the opening....but under "my games" sadly this doesn't include live games (only online).hopefully one day the staff consider putting live games in there tooSmile

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    I'll +1 this. Live games should maybe be put under their own category, though. Otherwise the statistics could be skewed by 1 minute games and such.

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    hehe...thanks for the support.of course 1 minute games wouln't be as useful to draw conclusions from as blitz and standard games....since a lot of people play nonsense openings in bullet to throw u off your game....

    but me it makes more sense to put live games in there though more so than CC games since anybody can look up the opening moves during a game and play the opening I think is a better indicator of one's chess skill live chess u only have your chess skill + memory to go by.

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