How to cancel premove


Get a mouse, or press the right button on your touchpad.

Eratag wrote:

Problem exists on my trackpad when I'm not using a mouse. I premove and the trackpad has no right click to cancel it. So in time trouble I had to reload the page to cancel a premove and hope he didn't play in the seconds where I was freaking out about my stuck premove.

If ur on a trackpad, use 2 fingers and tap ur trackpad on the chessboard, that will nullify any premove currently on the board


Thanks RedGirlZ for actually being able to read and being helpful.


You're welcome. I have a similar problem where my trackpads busted, it won't be pushed down, so i just have to tap everything. next time just use 2 fingers and tap ur trackpad and it'll do the job.

Tap the board anywhere
EternalMilkshake1725 wrote:

You click on your last move then come back to your current move

Thank you, this has helped heaps because I have a track pad



With a mouse right clicking always cancels the premove/ i m not sure about the touchpad controls because they are dumb

later goommba88


Its in setting