Is there a way to "Save Favorite Games" on this website?


I love my membership, just upgraded to diamond.  I play so many games, I lose track.  But every now and then there is a game I play that I really like and want to "highlight" for the future, without having to download to my computer.   Preferably, I'd like to "mark" games occasionally and save them to a special "favorite games" folder where I can re-access them here on the site, without ever needing to "download" them.  Does this ability exist, and if not, does the community think its a good idea?  I think it would be a very nice, and probably easy, addition to the programming here.

Copy the URL and paste it somewhere.

You could copy the URL and save it as a bookmark in your web browser. Then you could give it a name like " My first win on" or "My best game" or anything else you like.


the URL thing-bookmark is computer specific.  It is not nearly as good as a "favorites" folder that I can access no matter what computer I log into.   I would like to propose this idea as a cool feature to add to the site!

You could just put them in your profile description.

It is an interesting idea. You could separate your games by openings or whatever. Until the feature comes along, there are plenty of ways to keep the url on the site. Send it to yourself in a message. 


How to make a suggestion to the programmers here?  It would be a very handy feature, superior to self-management and self-making of the links.  Especially now that I am well over a thousand games played.


I myself am a web programmer, a very basic implementation of this feature would be a little button/link on each game that says "Mark Game" and just add a column in the server database as a boolen flag called Marked (true/false).  When a user clicks "Mark Game" it sets the boolean flag against the game.  Then add a single hyperlink in the user's profile, where they can click the link and it brings up a simple datalist of all the marked games.  Further, the owner of the profile has an additional boolean flag to allow their "favorites" folder to be public or not, that way they can share their favorite games with the public or keep them private.  This would not take long at all (for a basic implementation) and yet the payoff for a feature like this would be awesome.  


A further expansion of this idea is to allow a user to create multiple favorites folders (like fischerrook stated, allowing people to sort games by openings, etc), this again would be super easy for a basic implementation.  Instead of a boolean flag, you would use an integer column with a default of 0.  (0 means that the game is not marked).  Users create favorites folders that are tied to FolderID's (numeric) and when they mark a game, they can choose which Folder (i.e. FolderID) to send it to, then the column in the database against that game is simply set to a folderID.  A little more involved, but still really easy to program but will allow users to sort and quickly access their favorite games without ever leaving  This would be very nice, especially since I plan on being a level 1 chess coach and I'd love the ability to quickly get to my marked games without leaving the website.  Right now, having a massive, mega-list of thousands of historically played games has little value to me as a user, it is information overload, there is little I can "do" with it.


I'm looking for this feature as well. Would be nice and seems like it would fit well with the site setup as it's already saving all the games. Happy to hear if it gets implemented. Thanks.


Glad to know this idea still has support!  Can't wait till it gets implemented.  Right now, I have to download games and open Fritz and save them in there.   Would love a "favorites" folder that way even when I view someone's profile, I can look at their favorite games.


One way I 'save my favourite games': Share them on social media! Apart from it being a permanent part of your wall, it also tells everyone that you are an awesome chess player!


I would love to see this idea implemented! It would be fun!


That sounds like a worthwhile suggestion.  In addition to posting it here, try:



done.  i added it as a suggestion.  I think it would be really great.  there's so many games I'd like to mark, or even, as someone else suggested, place into different folders representing my "playlists" for my favorite games based on openings.


If I told you that we are still working on this, would you be happy?  It IS in the works!


Yeah that's great news. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to using the new feature when it comes out. I'm a newbie to chess so I think it will be fun to have a diary of games as I journey through the different stages of learning. Thanks again.


amazing.  I love this site!!!


nice to feature to have.. thanks guys



Hi,I am very much supporting this mark as favorite idea..I wanted to share my games with my daughter and I want to mark it as favorite and then show her those games..Also many times I wanna see what I did in my famous wins:-)

Please implement it soon..Eagerly waiting


Is it still in development? This is a very helpful feature. I want to favorite important games for further reference...