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Mobile Android produces 'Another Login detected' on website

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    After I have played on a mobile device, the website produces 'Another login detected' message.

    I have 'signed out' on the mobile device but the message persists on the website.

    I haven't fully timed-out the experience but turning off the mobile device completely removes the 'another login' message.

    Hope this info helps you improve the UX

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    What version of Android and of the app do you have?  Have you tried closing the app completely to see if that helps?

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    I also received 'application has been stopped unexpectedly.

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    When you see 'Another Login is detected', it appears for one of two reasons.

    1. You've tried to click on someones username and opened in a new tab, thus re-logging you into another live chess window.

    2. You use an iDevice or Android.


    What happens is that you can only be logged into live chess on one browser/app window - login at any one time. If you (for example) stayed logged in on the iDevice/Android, then logged into live chess through a computer on a browser the device will keep trying to connect to live chess, therefore booting you off - and showing you the message 'another login is detected'.


    If you're going to use the Android to play, please make sure you are properly logged off anything else you use to play live chess from, like the web on a pc or an iPhone/android.

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    That's never seemed to be a problem before now, but I started getting that error. I think I'm getting that error from my Android 4.1.2 build JZO54K.I535VRBMB1 on a Samsung Galaxy S3 using the chess.com app. Even if I close the app, what is happening is that for some reason "live chess" always stays in my notifications, even if the app is closed. I can't get rid of it other than restarting my phone. Once I restart my phone 'live ches" is no longer in my notifications (obviously) and the multiple login warnings go away. So basically once I play live chess on my phone, I can't stop it other than restarting my phone. Might be a bug in the app.

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     Got me today right in the middle of a 5 minute blitz tournament game. I would have lost anyway, but I don't want people to think I'm disconnecting on purpose.


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