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Mobile/Site Feature Request(s)

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    I feel that there are some things that would really make things easier - especially for us mobile users where creating new challenges is now a 4 "click" process. If any of these are already implemented please advise how to do it on both platforms.

    1: Give the ability to save my game challenge settings. Most of the games I create are 1 day/move games. The default is 3 days/move. Sometimes I just want to play all games as black/white - this also has to be changed every challenge.

    2: Give the ability to create X number of challenges at once. I see most people creating at least 3 challenges at a time. I do this also. I generally am playing roughly 20-25 games at once. Opening a new challenge is not a quick thing - especially on mobile. Being able to set the challenge to white, rating limit, time controls, etc and then open 5 challenges based on those settings would be awesome.

    Mobile Version:

    On live we only have the option to set rating limits in 1000 rating increments which is different than on the website where you can have a variable limit based on your current rating. eg: on the website I can create a rating limit of +/- 500 which will then fluctuate what type of games i'm looking for based on my ever changing rating while playing blitz games.

    Regarding mobile devices: My current device is an iPhone 3gs with iOS 5.1 if that helps at all.

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    I added extra zeros. 1000 should 100 and 500 should be 50. Sorry.


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