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Resolved: New game ratings filter?

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    I just started playing here about a week ago.  Tonight, I tried to create a new online game with a "ratings filter" within 300 points of my own rating.  I was matched with an unrated player.  I would rather not play unrated players, but aborting counts negatively against you.  Is this just a bug in the new software, or am I not understanding the option correctly?  Thanks.

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    Okay, let me desribe in more detail how I did this:

    On the Online Chess hub (where one's ongoing games are shown), there's a link at the right that says "Start New Game".  When you click on this, it takes you to a page that says "Create New Online Game", and then it has two pull-down menus, the first is to select the usual options, the second is if you want a specific player.  It says it will pick a random opponent with "... [sic] rating between [rating x] and [rating y]".  Ratings x and y were 300 less and more than my current rating.  So I hit "Create New Game".  But I wasn't paired with a random opponent between those ratings; I was paired with an unrated player.

    Sorry, I'm new to the site, but apparently it just changed before I joined, so it's new to everyone.  I don't know what filter you're talking about other than the one I mentioned.

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    I think I found the filter you're talking about, Rugen.  And the issue hasn't happened again since.

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