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New gamemode "losing chess"

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    this game is ideal for too aggressive people who sac too many pieces. view the vote chess game against IM Pruess


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    I love it
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    From what I've seen of my normal play, I think I would have a natural talent for it.

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    PajamaBlaster ha scritto:

    Yes!! This is so much fun

    I wonder if it can be solved?

    it has been solved yet, but way to hard to memorize

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    .... for those of us, that make so many blunders, this new
    gamemode will be a god send ....... at last we have a good chance to win a few games !
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    Yes!!! I am not that great at regular chess and lose a lot, so I think I'd be great at this game mode! I'm great at losing! happy.png

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    Great variant happy.png


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