Optional programmable time alert for Live games


I would really appreciate to be able to configure an audible alert when I have less than "n" seconds left in a game.

I have lost lots of games on time while being in a much better position in blitz games where almost any move would have been ok, just because I got distracted and did not look at my clock.

Such an alert would be great for me to remind me that I have less than a certain amount of seconds left and that speed is more important than quality in these cases.


There is a sound when the clock running low in time.


I forgot to mention that I use the iPad app to play live games in chess.com.

If there is a sound in this app when the clock is running low in time, I have never heard it or I'm confusing it with a different sound.


Is anyone from chess.com reading these posts? Anyone knows when a new release will be available for the iPad?