Please add seek graph reduced performance option

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    By "seek graph" I mean this thing, which shows games people are seeking:


    The seek graph in live chess is simply too slow on my computer.  When I switch to it, my browser frequently frequently becomes unresponsive and tells me a script is running too slowly and it's difficult to start a game.  Please add some option to reduce the performance needs of this seek graph.  For example, the option could reduce the refresh rate to, say, one refresh every 5 seconds.

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    I think we discussed this, which resulted inexplicably in a huge flamefest, so I'm not sure if it was ever resolved.

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    By the way, the "seek graph" is the box that shows a dot for each game someone is seeking, displayed by rating and length of game.

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    jposthuma wrote:

    I didn't read your post too carefully, and I don't know if this is your answer, but if you are using Internet Explorer, switch to Firefox or Chrome. It will increase the speed and performance of all of the functions on


    I'm on Firefox.

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