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Reminder timer for vote chess

  • #1

    I would like to suggest an optional timer that you could set for each vote chess game you are participating in that would send you a reminder message after a certain amount of time (2 hours, 10 hours, 1 day, etc).  This way you would get a reminder that you have not voted yet regardless of whether or not anyone else makes any comments (which is currently the only way you will get a notification about that game after you have viewed it once).

  • #2

    i like the idea :D

  • #3

    Yes, please. I like the idea too.Cool

  • #4

    If you have an active VC team, you won't need a timer. The comments should be enough.

  • #5

    Sometimes they don't comment.

  • #6

    If they don't comment, then you deserve to time out. Otherwise, you will be continuing a game with no discussion.Very boring for the opponent


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