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Support for conditional moves on iphone/ipad app

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    Actually, there is that feature in IPhone or iPad... I don't remember where, since my iPhone is now damaged.

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    mikeey25 wrote:

    don't forget the android apps

    mikeey25 wrote: don't forget the android apps
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    There is a conditional moves already in iPhone, it is symbolized with two cross arrows

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    tCo_Lam wrote:

    There is a conditional moves already in iPhone, it is symbolized with two cross arrows


    It is available via the browser but not the app as far as I  am aware.

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    Definitely not on the app, it's just on the browser/web version.

    I would definitely become a premium member to get Conditional Moves added to the iPhone and Android apps!!!

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    Thats the only reason I am still visiting chess.com - to record conditional moves!




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    Seriously, guys, why it's so unfair, that browser version has conditional moves, while mobile versions don't. I found several similar topics. How is that possible that such a great chess resource and developer of such a great mobile apps still haven't implemented that.

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    I need this too!

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    Chess.com could we get and update on this?

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    Ummm, chess.com, are you there?  This would be an outstanding feature.

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    Since 2015 there doesn't seem to have been any official answer about this request.

    Is there something like a "future features list" where one could see how this is rated vs other items?

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    These forums aren't even read by admins- if "contact us" had been used then they would have got an answer
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    I would very much like this important feature as well! Seems like people are waiting for this for more than five years...

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    Hopefully everyone who has commented is following this thread.  Obviously the community has wanted this feature for over 5 years.  You can find other posts on this same feature request, some almost as old as this one.  Chess.com has to decide where to focus its resources.  If they are faced with losing revenue over an issue, that should increase its importance. My Diamond membership has been on auto renew and will renew again in four months.  I intend to pass along to customer service that I will not renew my membership at the Diamond level if conditional moves isn't in the mobile app(s).


    If you think this is important, consider passing along your feelings in this way as well.

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    By the way, @sherzodr, I'm not sure that saying "Thats the only reason I am still visiting chess.com - to record conditional moves!" is helpful to our cause.  Perhaps they fear losing advertising revenue?

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    I want this too


    i hope that iOS development is not a lost cause?

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    rompersuncle wrote:

    I want this too


    i hope that iOS development is not a lost cause?


    While a number of people have spoken up on this topic, it could very well be that conditional moves are a very low priority to other bugs and features in the app. The Android app also doesn't have conditional moves, so that isn't a feature that is being ignored for a specific platform.

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    OK, good point about android. I will rephrase my comment to be more inclusive.


    Hello chess.com

    You need to add conditional moves to the phone apps.

    Are you listening?


    I think conditional moves are a fairly vital part of the app; I come to this conclusion based on the number of times I have to close the app, and log into chess.com with a browser, to make a conditional move. I want to play on my phone app, not on its crummy browser!

    So, in my opinion, the phone app is somewhat hamstrung without this feature.

    And during a tournament I am reminded of this unfortunate fact several times a week (or even several times a day, depending on how the games are progressing).

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    Per my previous post, when my membership came up for renewal, I downgraded from diamond to gold.  That costs what, almost 75% of the potential revenue?  It won't take much of this loss of revenue and the addition of this feature to make adding this simple feature, which is already present on the website, will pay for itself.  Come on people.  Help Chess.com make the right decision for the good of the community.  Downgrade your memberships until Chess.com releases conditional moves for the apps.


    Think of how many more games you will be able to get in if you can make multiple moves in your daily games.  I for one really enjoy playing daily games with people from around the world in different time zones.  The times we are both available to make a few moves in almost "live" fashion is limited.   This is particularly frustrating in the end games when an opponent has very few moves at his disposal, but the game takes days to finish.  I recently had a game where I had conditional moves for the next 8 moves...all the way to the checkmate.  A huge time saver and frustration reducer.


    Adding conditional moves to the apps is a step toward world peace.


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