training!! + chess + self improv ideas


here are some site ideas off the top of my head for articles or more awesomely training materials:

aesthetics / nitpicks 

--- online chess page: i would prefer the default setting to be in table form rather than in boards [why somebody would want to be able to view 12 chess games at the same time]

 --- ability to change theme in the live chess [dislike white space --- a lot!!! who wants all that computer white light when it becomes dark outside]

-- default board should be as large as reasonable in live chess

--- buttons for resign, draw etc should be more distinct and not orange [ugly color]

--- better way to download games finished --- preferably automatically onto hard disk

[however I like the functionality!!! --- that is the key!]


 --- how to --- analyze your own games [with software / databases]

 --- how to --- analyze opening theory [with software / databases]

I think knowing how to do something on your own ---- knowing when and where you can do stuff on your own--- and where you may need a guiding hand in assessments ---- sometimes far more valuable then being spoon-fed yourself, especially knowledge that can be found on your own easily!!  This can be a time- and stress saver!!


in the training vs computer or in the chess mentor, it would be nice if there was a means to practice standard opening training:

 how about the initial moves in the chess mentor with explanation when necessary then the option exists to play from there against the computer and then the ability to download your play via pgn against the computer preferably with computer feedback [e.g. the computer-preferred move as a variation].

Openings---- something on the king’s indian positions and structures [black’s perspective] ---  esp. how to conduct race positions in the king’s indian

---- how to play for a safe edge with 1 e4 or 1 d4 [especially the former given the glut of  sharp theory in some lines]

---- how to achieve an interesting middlegame with 1 e4 or 1 d4

--- how to play for advantage in positions with symmetrical pawn structure

--- how to play for advantage in positions with only one open file


--- how to conduct an attack in [bg5 sicilian, the nd5 sacrifice]

--- the sveshnikov, dragon [how to blunt black’s counterplay]

--- how to defend difficult positions [choosing active --- passive defense]

--- how to squeeze an opponent / release tension/ change the structure of a position/ sustain an initiative --- indefinitely!


--- Practical chess endings [minus rehashing  lucena, philidor for millionth time] --- what other tools we need to know [knight oppositions, corresponding squares, draw margins

---Tactics trainer

Option choose problems by ECO --- hence the ability to select problems specific to positions you are more likely to play.  separate selection of problems in which multiple solutions are acceptable [as in chess mentor - a chess-o-pedia of a sort, however, managed by tactics trainer mods]

Practical chess

--- how to prepare for an opponent, a friend, otb rival --- you know what you’re up against!

 --- how to manage your time / diet/ composure --- decision making at the board --- from move 1 until the clock stops

--- how to maximize your practical chances with minimal preparation --- figure out material [openings to middlegames to endings ] that gives you an easy flexible game while your opponent has fewer and more difficult decisions --- for instance, the panno attack v kid, white has many options, whereas black has to choose a smaller selection of moves, and choices are more difficult for him, and find many moves to equalize --- so series for how to transition to each stage.

--- how to manage pawn tension --- especially when to play c5 in many 1.d4 positions that arise in QG and NID, QID, slav positions

--- how to prepare for a tournament [long before the tournament, just before the tournament, during the tournament]

--- how to choose between different moves that evaluate to be about the same in value - what is the x-factor, our guide in making our choice,  when all things, objectively, are equal?

--- how to keep energy levels, mood up, concentration in tournaments, maintain a constucture positive approach to chess

--- I want to reach the next level in chess ---- what do I do next [e.g. advanced study plans!!! :0] also , similarly, training plans -- more schedule based [like plans are made for running a marathon!] , what training to do for how more time, to get to the next level, so you can be ready for that big tournament in a few months!


I like this post.

Some stuff i would like different is that in the online presentation, I want to be able to actually move on those small boards.


wow, thanks. i will read this over carefully when i have slept more!