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Video lesson playlist option

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    I think that adding a youtube-like feature an option for creating playlist within the video lesson archive. When I have been searching I often see videos covering topics that I am interested in, but am not currently looking watch. If I continue on to find what I am looking for in the immediate. I often don't remember later what video it was that I wanted to watch, as I often see many video titles of interest in my search for something specific.


    A playlist option would solve this problem. There could also be an automatic option of a favorites list, and a watch later list. Although, just the simple option to create multiple playlists would be a dream. Then, an individual can create a favorites list for some topic they want to master, or a watch later list for items of interest, or any other playlist their heart desires.


    Just a thought... I think may other chess.com members would love to have such a feature.


    Sincerely, a loyal chess.com fan and supporter,

    Aaron Hopkins


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