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10% timeout ratio should be removed!!!

  • #1

    Because of the ratio I now have to play 900+ games to join a tournament. This seems unfair. I was very busy and lost like 80 via timeout. I can't just join a bunck of team matches and just resign them as that's mean. I really think that the 10% rule should be removed.

  • #2

    Or maybe you should just face the fact that you lost a shitload of games on timeout and it's not fair on other players to have people like that in tournaments. 

    The 10% timeouts rule is fine.  You're just bitchin' coz you want in on a tournament yet your timeout prevents it.  That's no reason to change a rule, it's a reason to learn NOT to timeout on so many games in the future!


    You won't have to play 900 games, you just have to play, not timeout and in time your timeout % will be ok.  Or just wait.

  • #3

    It's called extremly busy with no time to log on!! Chill man!

  • #4

    I don't think it's unfair. Your timeout ratio won't stop you from joining tournaments for long anyway, since it's based on your finished games from the last 90 days (only).

  • #5

    Its there for a reason, I suggest that you manage your other activities to ensure that you do not time out - we all have busy lives, but entering a tournament is a serious commitment, one that should not be shirked.


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