Am I eliminated or not.


I'm new to the tournaments here (anywhere actually). I entered one that is 5 to a group with 2 players advancing. I finished the first round in 3rd place with 5 points, behind two players with 6 points each. On my list of ongoing tournaments, there is a red circle symbol next to that one, which I assume means I was eliminated. If I look at the standings, it says I am eliminated. If I look at the pairings table however, my line is hilighted with a green arrow next to my name, which I assume means you're advancing.
I'm confused.


@OP: Which tournament is this? Can you post a link?


If your row is highlighted and there is a green arrow under your name then you are through.


Strange though. I would have expected only the top two if they both have more points than you.


It should just be top two going through, but Rishi67 has had his account closed. I think that's why you may have gone through. I guess the only way to know for sure is wait for round 2.


Thanks for catching that EvenDeeperBlue. I didn't see that Rishi67's account was closed. I guess I'll just take your advice and wait to see what happens when round 2 starts. Of course, I guess there really isn't anthing else I can do.