copy cat


Is it against site policy to copy your opponent's moves from one tournament game into another game from the same tournament? (Is it ever ok to do this?)

I'm in a tournament right now where it is happening. I am playing against a 1300, who is relaying my moves to another 2100 player. This is NOT ok. I don't think it can be rationalized by saying it is in a DB, since this is not a DB. The player is not adding any value whatsoever. When you use a DB, you are theoretically "learning" about the opening. In this case, it is more like consultation (but worse) and should not be allowed.

Here is what is happening. I have a game where I am white against the 1300 player. The 1300 player has white against a different 2100 player, from the same tournament. (Both games are ongoing in the tournament.) I made the move 1: d4, and the 1300 player then goes to make the same move against the other player. He then waits for the response from the other 2100 player (it was Nf6), and then he plays this move on my board.

In this manner (theoretically) he is guaranteed of getting exactly 1 point out of the two points available. He will win one game and lose the other, or he will draw both.

I hope I have explained this well - do you have any questions?


Yes, I have contacted the 2100 player, staff, and the 1300 player explaining that this is unacceptable.

I don't see any way other than the player forfeiting both of the games, but we will see what staff decides.


Basically you are playing the 2100 player with him as an intermediary to push the pieces. This is an old trick used by a couple of farmers against Alekhine. They challenged him that one of them would beat him for sure. By using this technique,he ended up playing against himself!!!

I agree it is not professional to use this at a tournament...useful party trick 

in my mind this"cheater"may get his short term advantage,but learn no real lasting knowledge .expose him so when others play against him they know the caliber of his character.he will eventually be ousted by the community,from the community,building a better site for us all.

or hunt him down and kill him slowly and painfully(joke)



Alekhine could have played a draw in such a situation by pat.

About your problem ozzie, yes this IS cheating and I'm sure the staff will do something.

Anyway, in your situation, you have more chances to win than in Alekhine's Laughing lol. 

kick out the cheat

It will be interested to hear how this issue was resolved!


Well Done to spot what was going on!

Read a similar story recently involving Frank Marshall. Marshall was approached by a 'friend' for some advice about a game he was playing. Marshall gave the advice and then later learnt that it was actually an ongoing correspondence game against another gentleman he also knew. Marshall solved the dilemma by approaching the 2nd player and after getting him to disclose the game without directly telling him why, gave him advice on what to play. Both players continued on, unaware that Marshall was helping both of them. In the end, the game was drawn, and both players were left wondering how their opponent had managed to draw against the great Frank Marshall!!

precisely they gained nothing of substance as far as ability goes.not men of any realclass ostricise this type for the betterment of the community


this is cheating for sure

I say that if is decided that this player is not cheating, than we should post their name in a forum and make public their conduct. Maybe the possible shame would make them take a different approach to this noble game of ours.



or hunt him down and kill him slowly and painfully(joke)


ILEARNDAT7 seems to have overlooked the fact that his/her family, descendents, known associates, etc. will also need to be eliminated - as a warning to others. Perhaps, though, as a first course, a severed knight's head could be left on his pillow?

Ban the ****er.

I looked at the game(s), it's really funny, 29 moves were copied.

It IS cheating and since both games were in the same tournament, the guy (which is actually a 15 years old kid) had few chances to do that without being noticed.

I know you guys are joking, but please consider this is just a kid. 


This is not cheating. As has been mentioned, this is really not any different from relying on a database to make one's moves, which is perfectly legal. I would recommend putting this player on your blocked list.

EDIT - I was wrong on this. Please use the REPORT ABUSE link if this happens to you.

Did you consult with Erik? This is absolutely NOT the same as relying on a database. A database does not provide a guaranteed 1 point out of 2 games.
If this is not cheating, then I guess asking your GM friend on what moves to do next is not cheating either?