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Eliminated from a tourney

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    I have played in a few tourneys and qualified for the second round (or even third round), but I never heard from the group again.

    Upon further investigation, I found out my name shows as eliminated even though I won the group.

    Does anyone know why this takes place? I feel like I'm wasting my time busting my chops to excel, it turns out I'm out anyway while someone else who didn't score as high as i did, is in.

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    I've come across a few tourneys where the tournament creator decided to toss winning players out without a clear reason. Could you post the link to the tournament home page?

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    Looks like you won too many games. That's just arrogant.

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    Mayne ur too high in the tournament

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    I guess you have no idea what arrogant means. I have yet to win a single tourney.

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    It is not for a TD to decide who goes to the next round and who doesn't. It should be solely based on one's personal accomplishments.

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    Now, if TD''s make the decision for themselves who is "worthy" to go to the next round, I will probably will not renew my membership. There isn't a valid reason to be tossed out without an explanation. Actually, it is right out dishonest.

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    Sorry, I was being sarcastic;)

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    OK, no sweat.. ;-)

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    I don't know why that happened. i didn't toss anyone. Check with chess.com help. They will be able to shed some light on it.

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    Thats frustrating

    I dont know what could have happened. Go to chess.com Help and support maybe?

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    i was just in a tourney and eliminated with 11 points, but the two people ahead of me had 9 and 10 points. I was eliminated but they are playing for the championship. I guess these tournaments are not set up like your normal weekend swiss. The group you're in makes a difference. And who's in your group makes a difference.

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    I noticed that there were three players showing advancement in your bracket when only two should. You had the tie break over third place. Third place was also eliminated. Looks like a screwy system glitch to me.

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    It looks like it's almost not worth it to play in tourneys

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    I don't see a reason why you shouldn't have advanced. As your TD suggests, it is best to contact support.

    Please post if/when you find out

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    Well its obvious ur 100 points higher than the above rated tournament ur in maybe the tournament person thought it wasnt fair even the tournament i joined there were supposed to be 3 people advancing but only 2 and it wasnt fair

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    The top rated player in the second round is way higher than eagle. Returnofxopchesser, in a tourney where three players advance, there is an additional rule that no more than 50% of the bracket can advance. For example, lets say round 1 has 6 players max with three advancing. 3 guys make it to round two. Round two starts with some brackets at 5 players. Only 2 players will advance in this case. (Unless second and third happen to,be tied in which case both would advance)

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